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Our Services 


Private label beer

We produce customized beers for our customers. You can choose to have your own image on the finished label template or purchase the complete label design service from us. In addition to your own label, the bottles can be customized with the closure and packaging of your choice. You can also buy various wooden and cardboard beer cases with the company's own logos and texts, even as gifts.

Event beer service

We also provide event catering on request. Implementation of this service can be done as desired by the client, a few examples of our service below:


1. Customer organizes: Mallaskuu supplies the customer taps, beer, refrigeration equipment required for sale activity and other essential furnishings. Customers own staff manages the on-site serving during the event.

2. Mallaskuu’s All Inclusive: The customer shows the place where he wants the beer to be served and Mallaskuu’s staff takes care of everything from the initial preparations to finish.

Tap rental

Beer taps can be rented from us! Our customers can rent the ready-to-use beer taps and return them to the brewery at the end of the contract. Our selection includes 1 and 2-way taps. The final cleaning of the taps is carried out by our staff and the installation and maintenance is instructed by our staff during the pickup of the taps.

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