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Our story... So far...


The story of the Mallaskuu brewery began in 2014 at Lapua, when three friends started developing the idea of ​​setting up their own brewery. After a while, the brewery was established in 2015 to Salomäki family farm which is surrounded by wheat fields. Initially, the brewery's products focused on supporting hunting and fishing in the form of beers designed especially to accompany the game and fish dishes. However, it soon became clear that demand for artisan grade beer was higher than expected, and the brewery initiated rapid expansion of its product portfolio.

As the product range has grown, so has the brewery's customer base and manufacturing capacity. In 2019, the brewery produces about 100,000 liters of beer annually and its products are being sold nationwide in Finland. In addition to several private restaurants, beers have found their way onto the shelves of Alko (State owned national alcohol retail chain), SOK and Kesko stores (Finland’s largest and second largest retail chain). In addition to the restaurant and retail, the brewery is also active in various events, providing them on-demand, licensed beer serving services.

The brewery has also opened its own brewery restaurant in Lapua, on the premises of the Cultural Center Old Paukku by the idyllic riverside landscape. In addition to on-demand restaurant operations, the restaurant serves as a live music and other nightlife event on weekends.

Currently (2019) Mallaskuu brewery produces 18 different kinds of beer and additional seasonal specialties, such as Halloween pumpkin beers or the more powerful IcenBerg freeze distilled winter beer. The brewery is currently operating under the leadership of CEO Ville-Petteri Salomäki, and at the time of writing this presentation, the brewery is also planning to start its first long drink production trial.

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